Month: March 2020

LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 1

LOP CV Photo Challenge Week 1

So, last week I set a challenge to try and keep the boredom away while everyone is in lockdown. They challenge was to take a photo (or 2) on the topic of Games. Thank you to everyone who took part. You can find peoples entries on social media using the hashtag #lopcvphotochallenge

These were my photos

I will be setting a new challenge every Sunday, so keep you eyes peeled.

Coronavirus Weekly Photography Challenge

Coronavirus Weekly Photography Challenge

Wk 1 : Games | Wk 2 : Old Things | Wk 3 : Water | Wk 4 : Bottles and Cans | Wk 5 : Macro

Original Post
This has been quite a strange year so far with the Coronavirus. Now as it continues to spread, it is affecting everybody’s daily lives. Here in the UK, we are now being told to social distance ourselves and also self isolate.

There has never been anything like this in living human history. People are used to being indoors, on computers and watching TV, but now we HAVE to do this and stay indoors to survive.

Ultimately, this will effect our mental health, we need to try and keep positive, keep fit, keep busy and find more interesting things to do indoors so we don’t have cabin fever.

To this end, I am going to start a weekly photography challenge. Something you can do on your own or with your kids and parents, then share the results online with your friends and the world using my challenge hashtag (for twitter & instagram) and I will also create a tweet & a post to my facebook page where photos can also be added using

I will try and make the challenges varied and differing skill levels. It will all be based around things in the house, but you may need to get creative and even make things.

To start things off, the first week is Games. How you interrupt this is up to you. It can a collection of games, people playing games, a single game etc…

You can now start posting to my facebook post relating to Week 1, or reply to my Twitter post & also use the hashtag, or post on your instagram feed with #lopcvphotochallenge.

Using the hashtag allows you to see anyones submission across all the weeks.

Cosplay – Clown to Harley Quinn PT.2

Cosplay – Clown to Harley Quinn PT.2

So last month I wrote about a shoot I did, that started as a Clown shoot and progressed into a Harley Quinn shoot.

The reason behind this was partially to do with the makeup that was being worn, but also because I had planned to do a shoot a couple of months earlier for which I had bought a Harley baseball bat. Sadly, that shoot didn’t happen, but this was a great opportunity to use it and get the shots I had in my head.

Now Harley had great colours in her costumes and I’ve seen some great photos that incorporate these colours and I wanted to do a similar thing, but in my style and setup. So we set about creating some Harley Quinn style poses which I then edited in Photoshop afterwards to add in different backgrounds and smoke effects.

I created a couple of smoke effect images with the ‘classic’ colours of pink and blue in the smoke.

Then I wanted to to try and added some different types of backgrounds to the portrait. Using a background I’d made for the clown shot, I changed the colours and orientation so it followed the bat line.

Too me, a Harlequin brings to mind diamond shapes, so I create a diamond background and made a grunge version, I also whitened her face a bit in this one to make it a bit different.

and finally a sitting portrait with bat and diamonds.

One of the issues I had, was I had so much fun creating these and doing different processing, I could decide which versions I liked the most. For example, I have 4 versions of the last image.

Now all I need to do it do a Batman and or Joker shoot, that would be cool!

Moon Composite

Moon Composite

The weather this year just hasn’t been conducive to doing any Astrophotography. However, the other I did get 2 nights in February where I was able to get a couple of photographs of the Moon.

This then gave me a chance to try some editing that I had wanted to do for a while. It was creating a composite moon. I first created a Crescent Moon composite.

The composite allow you to see a crescent moon, but as a whole moon, with the bright crescent and not just the crescent itself. It’s unusual as you would never see it in this way due to the contrasts of light and dark areas created by the suns light.

This then inspired me to have a go at a full moon, using images from different moon phases that bring out the details in the craters. Again, this is something you would see across the whole of the moon due to lack of shadows with the sun being directly pointing at it.

I then added the processing to bring out the mineral colours in the moon.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect the result of the processing as previous attempts have looked less colourful. So I was quite pleased with this!

You can see more of my Astrophotography in my gallery below.