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Website Updates Continue

Website Updates Continue

The website update continues…

I have now implemented the new changes that allow mobile touch swipe navigation for the photos to the following site galleries:

Birds & Insects
Travel (half done)

The HDR section has been moved to be inside the New Creative section, which includes Monotone, Textured and Selective coloured images aswell.

I now just need to finish the Architecture section and the Landscape section.

I have taken the opportunity to remove some of the older images and in some galleries add new different ones. I’ve done this to make the galleries more interesting and to make room for new images that will be added after the upgrade.

The main index page has also had an update in the form of a slideshow, so you get to see some images as soon as you hit the site! These contain links to the galleries, so do the menu option across the screen. Clicking on the Menu Title will also load something too.

There is also a Social Media menu with links to all my Social Media area, EG, Flickr, Facebook etc…

Also in progress is a dual function main index page, that will show a mobile formatted page as the existing page isnt very mobile friendly.

Wow, thats quite a bit.

Let me know what you think…

Home Front History Site Goes Live

Home Front History Site Goes Live

The Home Front History website I have been redesigning has now gone live.

After a slight delay due to IE7 compatability issues, it is now up and running with all the main pages there.  It still has more parts to be added, but atleast all the nice new layout and functionality is there.

This design was based on Nat (www.natart.org.uk) leaflet that she designed for the Home Front History group.

Progress is Slow

Progress is Slow

After implementing the new HDR section of my website, I have now taken to updating the main galleries.

This is a long process. Not only am I trying to redesign the pages to have similar functionality, but without framesets, but also reviewing all the images and having to resave and upload them in the new format.

This is taking a long time and I still haven’t finalised the design either.

On top of that and I am now designing another website, so mine is taking the back seat.