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A Break in the Storms

A Break in the Storms

As I mentioned in my last post, we recently spent a couple of days on the Isle of Wight. As we all know, the weather has been very stormy recently and it was a bit hit and miss as whether we could get across and what sort of weather we would get.

Well, as with most of our trips there, we where lucky and had a few days of non stormy weather and even some sunshine.
On the first day we got down on to Bembridge beach. I always wonder just how many beach huts are still there each time we go.

This one look liked it had suvived intact, although getting to it might be a problem!

Day two took us in search of dinosaur bones on the southern coastline. I’d done some research into which of the beaches & bays would be good to find them on and it was a place I’d never been to before. Getting there was another issue though! The storms had caused the undercliff road to fall away, which meant a bit of a detour, up a very steep road! An hour after setting off we got to the narrow lane to take us to the car park at the very end, but blocking this single track lane, was a lorry doing some work on someones garden. This made it totally impassable! Giving up on that, I thought I’d try a couple of the Chines along the military road.

This is what we found

So we gave in and went to a fossil shop in Yarmouth. At least I got that photo from the cliff edge being buffetted by the wind. I was pleased with the result!

Day three, took as to the Dinosaur Isle Museum and then on to Havenstreet. That was closed as they were doing maintanance work on the tracks, even though it was half term. We were still allowed in to look around though.

That evening, we headed back to Bembridge beach in the hope of a bit of a sunset. I was quite lucky and got a couple of shots like this.

So, we had ok weather, but our plans were thawted a little by what had gone before.

More HDR photos from the Isle of Wight can be viewed here Isle of Wight HDR