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Rural Life Centre

Rural Life Centre

After dong the Floral Fringe Fair on Saturday, with our friends from Home Front History, on Sunday we took the kids to the Rural Life Centre.

They had an event on ‘Days Gone By’ where they had lots of old things! We saw Steam Rollers, mini steam driven merry-go-rounds, steam engines as well as a steam train ride and a tractor ride to a nearby milking farm.

Amongst the steam engines and old cars was this gem. An large American Truck.
American Truck

The kids loved the day out and it was all very enjoyable.

The above image is a bracketed HDR image from 3 RAW files and processed in Photomatix v4

Look into my Eyes…

Look into my Eyes…

I’ve been going through old photos again!

A while back I saw an image taken at Sedlec Ossaury (The Church of Bones) in the Czech Republic that was processed in black and white and I thought it really suited the topic.

So, I thought I’d try a similar process on one of my photos.

Here is the result!

Skull @ Sedlec Ossuary

Please let me know what you think

JPEG HDR Before & After

JPEG HDR Before & After

As I have only been regularly taking RAW image instead of JPEG images for just over a year, I am limited to the HDR images that I can created.

So, I occassionally look back over some old jpg images to see if they can be used to create ‘hdr’ images or not.

Sometimes they work well, like my Mustang in with the stormy clouds and othertimes they don’t.

Over Christmas I took a look at some of the old images and created this one below.  I thought I’d post a before and after.

What do you think?