Month: May 2022

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

Last month I did a maternity photoshoot. I’d had an offer on and a lady at 39 weeks contacted me requesting a shoot that week.

I’ve done many maternity shoots over the years, but obviously none in the last 2.5 years and this was my first big shoot in about the same time frame too. So, understandable I was a little apprehensive about getting back in the studio.

I needn’t have been, everything came back to me very quickly and we started the shoot with my usual low key styled images.

This mum to be was really interested in my material images, many are, so after a range of shots we moved on to these covering my normal styles.

and then some draped versions with mottled backdrops.

We also shoot with some lovely lace.

I wanted to try a couple of new things with the materials and created some nice stretched wrap images.

If you live in Devon and are expecting, please give me a call. I often have offers on for my maternity shoots and if not, they are still a good deal.

Sports Portraits

Sports Portraits

Are you a sports person or do you have a Son or Daughter who is a sport person? I do!

My three children all love cricket. My son loves swimming, athletics, but mostly cricket as does it more seriously than the other two. So, I take a lot of sports photos of him.

If you or your children are involved in a sport have you thought about getting any photos done of them in their sports gear. I offer great studio sports portraits. I tend to just do studio sports as then it is just concentrated on your child without worrying about how else is in the photos.

If you are interested for yourself or your child, please get in touch to book a session. Then if you like, as I have done, you can come back over the years to show a progression.

Over the years, I’ve taken photos of my son as he has progressed with his cricket.

He started playing softball matches a couple of month after turning 7 and his first hard ball match a month later.

At the end of every season I try and put together a compilation of images from that year.

Every Year I like to update the photos I take of him in the studio.

and get creative with them

Another end of season composite

As he progresses and learns new shots we also incorporate them into the shoots.

And I’ve got more creative with the photos too.

2021 season

Although he didn’t grow out of his gear for a few years, each studio session has shown a progression in him and his style.

He also is a good bowler

As well as the yearly composites, I’ve also created a few match montages.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a sports portrait.