Month: May 2021

Farming Photos

Farming Photos

Over the years I’ve photographed many different types of businesses, from Food to Jewellery making and even Magicians. Since moving to Devon, my Commercial Portfolio has expanded to photographing more countryside businesses, like Holiday B&Bs and Wine Making. However, despite living in a village surrounded by Farms, I’d never really photographed them much.

The other day, after a trip out to test my new Camouflage Coverings, I returned home to see they were grassing the grass in the field opposite.

This was probably the first time I stood and watched this happening, as generally I avoid any sort of grass cutting as it really affects my hayfever. However, I persevered and tried not to breathe in when the cutting swung close.

I posted these shots on our local facebook group, they got some interest and I was told they’d be back the next day to collect the grass.

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to complete the process, so kept an eye, or more, listened out for the sound of the tractors in the field and then headed over to take some more photos.

It’s an interesting process, and great to see the farming machinery working to see how they collect it all.

Using my big lens, allowed my to get some great close-up photos, whilst of course keeping a safe distance outside the field.

The final stage of the process is clearing the grass and taking it away. Again, a different set of machines, this time 2, to gather up and store the grass.

I was pleased to be able to sell a few prints from the batch of photos I took and it gave me some great additional commercial photos for my portfolio.

New Camo & Spring Bird Photography

New Camo & Spring Bird Photography

In lockdown earlier this year, I spent some time taking photos in the garden. I’d set up some netting and was shooting from underneath it to capture some great photos.

As spring has now arrived, I wanted to try and get a different angle on the birds and set up some ground feeding areas beneath my blossoming apple. Now, to get close I had to rethink my camouflage and decided to start creating my own gear for my lens, camera and eventually tripod.

So having made my first couple of pieces, I started putting it to the test.

Wearing a green fleece, I blended in too. The birds were quite happy to land a few metres in front of my on the lawn.

It wasn’t long before they also started landing in the tree.

I’m not saying my new covers are magic, but they seem to work well enough for the birds to be comfortable with the camera being disguised enough to come down and feed.

I need to finish making the camera cover, then I plan to create a tripod cover.

I think I need to make a ground cushion/kneeling cushion as its quite uncomfortable sitting on the ground for hours.

It will be very similar to the bean bag support I’ve made.

I am hoping to make these to sell them. When I’ve done this I’ll give an update and how you can buy them.